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Rainbow over Volcan Baru
Beachview, Chiriqui
Church, Cerro Punta
Basaltwall, Boquete
Bridge over the river Chiriqui Viejo
Farm, Cerro Punta
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Bridge river Chiriqui Viejo
River Chiriqui Viejo
Old train near Puerto Armuelles
Coffehouse, Janson Coffee Farm
Coffeebean collectors
Statue, Volcan
Traditionaly dressed Ngobe-Bugle women.
Panoramic view, Chiriqui Highlands
Spectacular image of Volcan Baru with Moon
Rangerstation, Restaurant, Parque La Amistad
Trail near to the foot of the Volcan Baru
Supermarket, Chiriqui
Trail stairs Parque La Amistad
Petroglyphs, Volcan
Boottrip near the coast of David
Entrance of Finca Dracula
Horsfarm Haras, Cerro Punta
Fotogalery Main impressions from the Chiriqui Highlands around Paso Ancho and Volcan.
Punta Las Americas, Panama City
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River Chiriqui Viejo
Orchid, Finca Dracula
Orchid, Finca Dracula
Orchids, Finca Dracula
Coffeebean pickings
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